What programs do you recommend for women?

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● Brazilian Jiujitsu 

If you can only take one program, Brazilian Jiujitsu is the one to choose.

Control and restraint are often the methods used to attack or subdue women. Jiujitsu focuses specifically on these areas. Building comfort and confidence in the ability to resist these type of attacks is where Jiujitsu shines. 

● Karate 

If you need a second choice, Karate is it. Karate focuses on self protection scenarios rather than sport contexts. It is an art that focuses on striking, grappling, escape, and avoidance. Being able to put someone on the ground and defend from the ground is included in this holistic approach to self protection. Karate and Jiujitsu compliment each other very well and overlap in all the right ways.

● Kickboxing

We recommend kickboxing for women who are interested in building self-confidence and self-image through fitness and cardio. Self-confidence is an excellent attribute in conflict avoidance. Kickboxing is a highly effective striking art that leans heavily into the sport aspects of the arts. Bridging the gap between the skills taught and the way they apply to self defense is left more to the participant. For self-defense, kickboxing is more suited to men due to the nature of how violence towards men usually occurs.

● Kali Escrima

Kali Escrima is a weapon-focused art with a devastatingly unmatched offensive approach. This is an excellent art to learn to protect yourself but is best suited to people in security and law enforcement service. The skills translate to self-protection tangentially but the weapon handling/defending elements are very useful as an augment to a more directed program. Self-defense notes aside, women flourish in escrima due to it's graceful and flowing movements. Like kickboxing, if fitness and coordination are the goal, either are an excellent choice. 

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