Seminar Series at The Dojo in Casper

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Sometimes, the classroom setting just doesn't cut it for all students

As part of The Dojo’s comprehensive curriculum, our seminar program is designed to give students and members of the community an extra opportunity to develop key competencies through relevant, experiential learning with experts, resources, and organizations in the greater Casper area and beyond. 

We are proud to host some of the industry's most accomplished instructors during the Seminar Series, offering you a learning opportunity like no other.

Discover Learning Beyond the Classroom With Our Seminars

We offer the highest quality martial arts and self defense training. Our family friendly seminars at The Dojo in Casper are appropriate for any age and experience level. The seminars held at The Dojo allow us to take the time to break down specific topics of study for more in depth and educational coverage.

Whatever the subject and method of instruction, each seminar is designed specifically for The Dojo. Each seminar provides the opportunity to work closely with instructors and fellow classmates. At the end of each course, participants get the unique opportunity to ask questions and even practice what they have learned.

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