Kenneth Knight Martial Arts Instructor

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Kenneth Knight


Born and raised in Casper Wyoming, Ken has been working to build a positive and inspiring environment in the community through the dojo for over 10 years. 


Ken's training is composed of three main areas; Okinawan Karate & Kobudo, Kali Escrima, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. That training is reinforced by an ongoing study of Aikido, Judo, Silat, and Tai Chi. 

When it comes to Okinawan and Brazilian martial arts Ken trained directly under Hanshi Andrew Finley and carries the Seiyo Shorin Ryu Karatedo and Kobudo lineage and has studied  the kobudo and jiujitsu portions of the World Karate Kobudo & Jiujitsu Organization. He currently holds the rank of Yandan and the title of Shihan Dai in Sieyo Shorin Ryu under Hanshi Andrew Finley. 

In the Filipino martial arts, Ken earned his Shodan under Guro John Balcerzak and has continued to train directly under Guro John's teacher; Maestro Michael Mulconery. Ken currently holds the rank of Sandan and the title of Guro under Maestro Mulconery. 

In recent years, Ken has been building a relationship with Guru Sean Stark, founder of Guerrilla Self Protection. Sean's work through GSP to build global change in the world's response to sexual abuse, child abuse, and human trafficking is critical in building a better future for our families. Casper Dojo LLC is working to build a thriving GSP community in the Casper area. 


If you would like to become more aquainted with Ken, you may watch his Youtube chanel where he provides insight into the world of Martial Arts, philosophy, technique, training, that sort of thing. You can find him at: KenfuTV - Youtube

Lineage Chart

Seiyo Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo
Rod Sacharnoski → Dan Hausel (Soke-Shodai Judan) → Andy Finley (Hanshi, Hachidan) → Ken Knight (Yondan)

World Karate Kobudo Jiu-Jitsu Organization
Odo Sensei → Simon Sherboure (Kyoshi Shichidan) → Andy Finley (Yondan Kobudo) → Ken Knight (Unranked)

Tabosa Kali Escrima
Michael Mulconery (Maestro) → John Balcerzak (Guro) → Ken Knight (Sandan)

Okinawa Kenpo
James Lloyd/Steve Blackburn → Dorian Fox (Shihan Dai Rokudan) → Andy Finley (Shodan) → Ken Knight (Unranked)

Aikikai Aikido
Gabe Phillips(Sensei) → Ken Knight (Unranked)


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