New Tai Chi class starting this week!

New Tai Chi class starting this week!

theDojo is excited to announce that starting this Thursday at 5:15pm we'll be holding our first Tai Chi class!


Tai Chi is a Chinese internal martial art practiced for both it's defense and health benefits. To this end, Sifu Harry Groves brings with him his knowledge of Dr' Lam's Tai Chi for Health curriculum. Starting with Tai Chi for Movement and Better Balance and continuing into forms that are especially crafted to provide therapy for Arthritis and Osteoperosis as well as a mindfulness and meditative approach to the movement of energy. 


It doesn't stop there though, being a part of theDojo, forces the issue of personal defense and the application of the forms. Tai Chi is a soft art that focuses on body mechanic and using your opponent's energy to defeat them. This allows for usefulness well into old age. With the health benefits of Tai Chi, you can expect longer life and, more importantly, better quality of life. 


For children, Tai Chi offers increased focus and discipline even when there's an abundance of energy and attention issues to contend with.


Join us on Thursdays to experience the wonder of Tai Chi!

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