The Dojo Reviews

  • Stacy M., The Dojo  Testimonials

    The Dojo is an incredible place... Martial Arts instruction here is about the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of one's life - inside and out. The instructors teach and exemplify strength, respect, personal growth, and community. Karate, Jiu-jitsu, Kali (Escrima), Tai-Chi and more are offered here for all ages.

    Stacy M.
  • Heidi M., The Dojo  Testimonials

    We have been taking our son (4 years old) and he absolutely loves it! The instructors are incredible. Classes are very engaging and it has been so fun to see his skills develop each week! His confidence has grown and he is always eager for the next class!

    Heidi M.
  • Jon Z., The Dojo  Testimonials

    Knowledgeable and thoughtful instructors. A martial arts institute that talks about philosophy as well as technique. Anywhere can teach a kick or a punch, once you try the dojo you’ll understand something much more. Time to embrace why it’s called an “art”. You won’t be disappointed.

    Jon Z.
  • Chris P., The Dojo  Testimonials

    Fantastic place to learn, my son has been going for six months now, and he loves it. Sensei Ken and Liz have been incredibly patient and kind. Couldn’t imagine him learning anywhere else.

    Chris P.
  • Shane S., The Dojo  Testimonials

    Great dojo with a welcoming atmosphere. I have been a member for approximately a year now after our Kali Escrima school merged with The Dojo. Sensei Ken does a great job to ensure this school has a little something for everyone and he makes sure that his instructors are focusing on the needs of his students.

    Shane S.
  • Angie B., The Dojo  Testimonials

    Excellent establishment to learn martial arts. The teachers are knowledgeable about both technique and history. They require personal growth as well as understanding of technique and history for student progression. I highly recommend The Dojo for your martial arts journey.

    Angie B.
  • Mason J., The Dojo  Testimonials

    A great place to learn in depth the traditions and techniques of true Okinawan Karate. The teachers are amazing, and the students are shining examples of martial artists.

    Mason J.
  • Elizabeth W., The Dojo  Testimonials

    I have trained here for several years now and love the atmosphere. Everyone is always welcoming. The training I have received is wonderful and the knowledge I have gained is irreplaceable. I started years ago not knowing if I would even like doing martial arts because I had never tried them and have been going faithfully ever since and I would not trade my time here for anything. It's a great place with a lot of great teachers and wide variety of curriculum.

    Elizabeth W.
  • Jessica M., The Dojo  Testimonials

    I've been in this dojo for a little over four years. We work hard and have a great time. Classes are tough but fun and the atmosphere is a little more relaxed than a traditional dojo. It's a great place to learn and an even better place to be yourself.

    Jessica M.

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