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The Dojo

Casper's Home For Well-Rounded Martial Arts Training

Welcome to The Dojo, where we work hard to embody our name every single day. The word Dojo means "The place of the way," and we believe you will find our school takes that meaning to heart in everything we do. We are proud to offer kids and adult classes for all experience levels, spanning a wide range of martial arts disciplines. For us, Sensei does not mean teacher or master. Instead it means simply "One who has gone before." The martial journey is along and rewarding one. Whether you're starting fresh or continuing your journey, those of us who have gone before are here ready to enrich your path. Get started today and a take on the best training in town!

Our Expert Team

Our team is bringing years of experience to The Dojo, offering kids and adults alike the best instruction around. We aim to make every class fun and exciting and keep you on your toes as learn, get in shape, and build self-confidence.


Our Core Values

We value the martial arts for guiding much of our lives and we are committed to sharing that journey with you. Whether it's simply your character and demeanor or it's a deeper connection to the disciplines we offer, Martial Arts can truly touch every aspect of your life.


Our Mission

At The Dojo, there is no pre-requisite and we aim to keep it that way. Our students aren't world champions and prizefighters. They're everyday people just like you, looking to stay in shape and learn some of the best self-defense skills the world has ever known.


Our Promise

We pledge to maintain a safe and secure setting where you can train with confidence and feel supported every step of the way. From day one at The Dojo, you can trust that you're in good hands as you learn, grow, and have fun!

Kids Martial Arts

The Dojo Kids Martial Arts Casper

Adult Martial Arts

The Dojo Kids Martial Arts Casper

Self Defense

The Dojo Kids Martial Arts Casper

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Meet our Instructors

The Dojo is an incredible place... Martial Arts instruction here is about the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of one's life - inside and out. The instructors teach and exemplify strength, respect, personal growth, and community. Karate, Jiu-jitsu, Kali (Escrima), Tai-Chi and more are offered .... Read more

Stacy M.

We have been taking our son (4 years old) and he absolutely loves it! The instructors are incredible. Classes are very engaging and it has been so fun to see his skills develop each week! His confidence has grown and he is always eager for the next class! .... Read more

Heidi M.

Knowledgeable and thoughtful instructors. A martial arts institute that talks about philosophy as well as technique. Anywhere can teach a kick or a punch, once you try the dojo you’ll understand something much more. Time to embrace why it’s called an “art”. You won’t .... Read more

Jon Z.

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